Classes & Workshops

The following are available for companies as well as private individuals and groups.

MBSR 8-Week Program

Offered as an in-depth 8-week training course (one evening per week, one all-day retreat, and daily home practice), the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program enables you to progressively learn various mindfulness practices, the science behind it and how it works, and build a strong foundation for integrating mindfulness and its many benefits into your daily life.

Participants in MBSR programs worldwide have reported an increased ability to manage stressful situations, anger, fear, anxiety and depression – both at home and in the workplace. Participants have also reported an overall improved quality of life, improvements to working memory, less emotional reactivity and, last but not least, more effective communication (in both speaking and listening).

Further details, including upcoming courses, can be found on the MBSR page.

Introductory Workshops

Ideal for groups, team building events and those curious to learn more, this workshop introduces mindfulness in a straightforward, easy to understand manner with practical applications.

There will be a good mix of practice, discussion of the science behind it (including how and why it works), and also time for any questions participants may have.

No previous experience required – simply an open attitude!

Custom Workshops

From beginners to advanced practitioners, small groups to large gatherings, team building events or even speaking engagements – workshops can be customised for particular audiences, requirements and objectives.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is possible 1:1 and for small groups, customisable for any setting or requirement. Available in-person and anywhere around the world via video chat.

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