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Podcast Interview – Leading a mindful life in a corporate world

tales-from-the-csap-floorHad the great opportunity to be interviewed about the mindfulness work I’ve been doing in the Cisco Sales Associates Program (CSAP) and elsewhere inside Cisco. We also discussed a general overview of mindfulness & how it can apply at work and help promote a healthy work/life balance.

Episode description: In this first episode of our second season, our host Marcus Isaksen talks to Neil Truncik, a CSAP alum who is passionate about mindfulness and teaches it. Neil gives sound advice on being more mindful, keeping your mind healthy and the services Cisco offers to support. Although the conversation was recorded before the outbreak, it’s still very relevant, perhaps more so now with social distancing becoming the norm and many of us struggling to take care of our mental health.

Listen via SoundCloud / Apple Podcasts / Spotify .

Yoga Flame – Tutorial for Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee

Tutorial for Dandayamana Bibhaktapada-Janushirsasana (Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee) pose.

Career Women’s Forum

Had a fantastic time sharing mindfulness with the Career Women’s Forum in Geneva! A dedicated, motivated and above all inspiring group of individuals.

Von Rohr & Associates

Nespresso UK – Awaken Your Senses

It was an honour to lead the mindfulness sessions for Nespresso UK’s “Awaken Your Senses” workshop, which included mindful movement, mindful sitting and of course – mindful coffee tasting! The first 3 pictures (you can click/scroll to the right) are from the mindfulness session.

Yoga Flame Studio – Utkatasana (Awkward) Pose

The trick is to keep the heels as high as you can throughout the pose – don’t sacrifice keeping the heels high in order to lower the hips further!

Yoga Flame Studio – Warrior II Pose

Focus your gaze past the tips of your outstretched fingers on a single point – called your “drishti” in Sanskrit.

Yoga Flame Studio – Introduction to Mindfulness workshop

Advertisement for the Introduction to Mindfulness workshop run at Yoga Flame in Nov.2017. We had over 30 participants who walked away a bit more mindful!

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